June 2, 2013

Luke's Lobster and Life Updates


For those of you who came here to read about Luke's Lobster, feel free to skip down to the pictures.  For those of you who have some interest in our lives and blogging habits, we have some news for you. We've recently discussed closing the blog- it seems that in the past several months, blogging has become not only more difficult, but also less enjoyable.  As we no longer live together, we don't eat together as often, and taking photos and making notes during meals spent with friends, family, and significant others takes something away from those experiences.  Since we get nothing out of this other than the simple joy of eating and sharing our thoughts, it seems silly to continue to do something we aren't loving.  However, we've decided not to shut Two Eat Philly down, but instead start on a new path- a path of much fewer posts, and likely far less words, and (hopefully) more pictures.  Topics may vary a bit, but of course will always be food related.  We're maintaining a forum to share our thoughts and adventures, but perhaps to a smaller audience- and that's just fine with us.  We hope you continue to follow along, but if not, thanks for stopping by for the past three years!


And now-- onto the food!  Luke's just opened a couple of weeks ago, but a single picture of their lobster roll had me checking my calendar for our first chance to check it out.  My husband and I are in the home stretch before our closing date (sold our place!), and so began the terrible packing process this weekend.  A break for lunch offered a perfect chance to treat ourselves to Luke's to help offset packing grumpiness.

Located in the old Bonte space on 17th and Sansom-ish, right next to another favorite, Underdogs, the space has been reconstructed to look very nautical.  It's cute.  The menu is short and simple, mostly seafood rolls but a soup of the day, a simple grilled cheese, and a couple sides are also available.  I chose the "Taste of Maine" to get a sample of all three seafoods offered-- shrimp, crab, and lobster ($20).

Taste of Maine; iPhone pics might become more regular around here

 Each type of seafood is prepared very simply- served cold (not even room temp), with just a hint of mayo and/or butter.  The "rolls" are actually top-split mini loafs of what I can only describe as Texas Toast- you know, that soft, fluffy, buttery, pure white bread.  Lightly toasted, I can't think of a better carrier for fine seafood.  All three meats (?) were just as you'd expect- super fresh- with lobster being the clear winner.

The Taste of Maine also comes with a side of chips and a soda- self-serve from large baskets and a refrigerator respectively.  Both remain loyal to the New England theme- Cape Cod kettle cooked chips, and Maine Root sodas.  Obviously I've had Cape Cod chips a million times, but Maine Root is new to me.  I'm not a soda drinker, but MAN.  The spicy ginger brew is particularly amazing, and I'm sure the blueberry soda, sarsaparilla, and root beers are equally as unique and tasty.  I would seriously consider stopping in just for one of these drinks, especially on a hot and sweaty day. Self-serve water is also available, and Luke's goes the extra step, providing mason jars from which to drink it.

My husband got the lobster roll alone, and this is the route I'll take in the future (well, plus the soda!).  For $15, yes it's a pricy "fast food" lunch, but it's 100% worth it.  Where else can you get that quantity of fresh lobster for that price?  Not anywhere around here, that's for sure.  Centrally located, super quick (we waited 5 minutes) and with plenty of space to sit and eat... I can't think of anything to criticize.  Welcome, Luke's!

130 S 17th St


  1. We have really been enjoying your blog!

    1. And we enjoy yours! :) Love that you call Dan "Dan-pa" SO cute!

  2. thanks for the good reading! I believe i went back and read literally every one of your archived entries, and I don't even live in philly anymore haha.

    1. I find myself doing that with new blogs I find too! Hopefully you still make it to Philly once in awhile, if only to eat :)