September 20, 2012

Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival

It seems like every new blog post I see is highlighting the next big food festival around town!  It's a great time of year for them, as the weather is almost sure to be nice- the autumn months are what make me fall in love with Philly all over again every single year.  In this years festival line up, there's a new guy in town- one definitely worth taking a second look.  Manayunk StrEAT (ha! so cute!) Food Festival is basically a street fair, a farmer's market, and a Night Market (over twenty food trucks!) all rolled into one.  Plus, it's located along Manayunk's Main Street-- one of our favorite places in town.


The event takes place next Saturday afternoon, September 29th.  The early birds can arrive at 10AM, or you can treat it as a brunch, lunch, or late afternoon activity as it will be going full-swing until 5PM.  The fair acts as a kick-off event for Manayunk's Restaurant Week, which runs September 30th through October 5th.

The Restaurant Week runs at the same time as Center City's Restaurant Week, but offers prices that are a little more budget-friendly.  Options range from $10-$30, always featuring a special three course menu.  The full list of restaurants is available on their website, but we'd highly recommend Winnie's Le Bus, The Tomato Bistro, or Han Dynasty in the mid-range prices, as well as Gemelli on Main and Jake's and Cooper's at the higher price (a great deal!).

If you've been needing an excuse to hit up Main Street, the perfect fall weather and twenty of your favorite food trucks should provide just the reason you're looking for.  Pick up some produce, window shop, take a yoga class, stop for coffee or frozen yogurt, or try a new-to-you food truck (and make history, since this is the first time EVER that food trucks will be allowed on Main Street!).  All of the food trucks will be offering an item for just $3-$5, leaving you plenty of cash to check out more than one.  If there wasn't this whole wedding thing happening the same day, we'd definitely be there too!

Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival
September 29th, 10AM-5PM
Main Street Manayunk

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