January 5, 2010

Welcome to our new blog!

Hello all,

Just wanted to welcome you to our new blog. We're twin sisters living in Philadelphia, near Rittenhouse Square. We're both PhD students in biomedical fields here in the city (but at different schools!). Outside of the lab, we have a great love for great food. Hailing from a small town in Florida, our primary introduction to food can be singlehandedly credited to our dad. As the chef in the house, he taught us not only how to cook, but also how to modify recipes, whip meals together on the fly, and most importantly, how to enjoy a variety of foods and flavors.

Living in Philadelphia for 5 1/2 years also has an impact on the palate. With so many amazing restaurants to try, offering so many different cuisines, new spots opening faster than you can say "Jose Garces"- we've certainly been exposed to a lot of food, mostly good. The food culture in Philly is also phenomenal- so many events, rising star chefs, but most inspiring to us, other food blogs! There's really no better way to get excited about a dish than to read about it as an experience (the pictures help too...).

Our goal with this blog is to share our experiences with food both from our own kitchen as well as from the kitchens of many fine dining establishments in this city. So to all of you who are reading, let's eat!

Edit: Please excuse the not so fantastic photography and nonuniformity of the post style- we're new to this! It will get better.


  1. This is so awesome. I know I don't live anywhere near Philly but I love food and can't wait to read more!! Ps love the BBQ pics. Made me hungry!

  2. First, I have known both of you for most of your lives, and don't ever see either of you 'bellying up' to a real trough of BBQ. Second, I think you are certainly spoiled assuming you visited Momma Lo's back in the hometown, where this 'damn yankee' was introduced to chitlins, greens and a little delicacy called mud pie, all for $3.75!

    You have to appreciate someone attempting real BBQ well North of the Mason Dixon, however it sounds like it would be a worthwhile venture whenever in Philly, assuming the portions are proportional to the eater :). I look forward to reading more about your city finds in the culinary smorgassbord of Philly.

  3. hi girls!

    brian told me about your blog, very cool! i'll definitley be keeping up with it.

    we had a great dinner with mike/courtney at koozeedoo in nolibs this week- you should check it out.

    hope you are well!
    :) alexandra