May 20, 2012

Supper Burger: Best of Philly?

Joining Burger Club PHL has really opened my eyes to the world of burgers.  I typically skip over the burger for more unique menu options, but now I find myself giving them a bit more attention- at the very least quizzing any burger consumers about their experience.  And here's a first- actually going to a restaurant specifically to eat their burger.  This weekend we got together with new Burger Club friends to check out the infamous Supper Burger.


We're big fans of Supper- brunch, dinner, special events, you name it.  This time, the service was a little... weird? But no matter, we were here for one thing.  The Supper Burger is currently up for Best of Philly 2012, and for good reason.  The description alone makes it stand out- a 10 ounce dry-aged custom Pat LaFrieda blend- and that's just the patty.  The meat is served on a brioche bun with caramelized onions, melted cheddar cheese, a crispy piece of country ham, and a slow-roasted tomato.  Yes, this is a serious sandwich (and with a serious price tag, ringing in at $19).

Before I comment on that tower of perfectly cooked beef, I want to mention the duck fat fries that come with the burger.  A good thick steak fry with that slight sogginess and depth of flavor we come to associate with duck fat- and absolutely perfect for scooping up embarrassingly large dollops of truffle mayo.  Even though the fries come with three housemade sauces (beer mustard and thousand island being the other two), the truffle mayo is where it's at.

Back to business.  A and I shared this burger, and it was quite a beast to split in half.  The first thing I noticed was the bottom bun, already completely drenched in pink meaty juice.  However, the density and egg-washed aspects of the brioche bun kept it intact.  I'm a sucker for brioche buns, and this was no exception- a delightfully fluffy and slightly sweet way to keep my hands (mostly) clean.  We ordered our burger medium rare, but there was a definite range in doneness as you moved through the burger from the edge (almost well-done) to the center (medium).  However, the flavor and texture of the meat were mindblowing, which to me overrides every other aspect of the experience.

Honestly I was so absorbed in how good the patty was that I hardly noticed the accompaniments, but I have no doubt that they contributed to the burger as a whole.  Crispy ham is a fun riff on the typical bacon with a slightly different flavor profile but same extra kick of salt.  However, a few of our dining mates found it a bit distracting. Did I mention how good the patty was though?  Yeah, nothing else matters.

So I know I just said nothing else matters, but my inner food critic has to step in and point out a flaw of this burger.  Note the height on that patty.  Because it's on the taller side (and so, so satisfying to bite through... but I digress), the radius is considerably smaller than the wider bun.  I was pretty sad to find myself left with several bites of bun without it's meaty partner.  I have to admit to a bit of a "But why is the burger gone?" meltdown.

We also ate a kale salad ($14).  There was some kale, some pecans, some fun "frittata croutons," fresh radishes, and serrano ham.  Great salad, but it was no burger.

Since my foray into the world of specialty burgers has been a recent development, I know I have some catching up to do.  However, I completely support this burger being in the running for Best of Philly 2012.  What's your favorite burger?

926 South Street


  1. If you ever make it out to Chester County Buddies Burgers is the way to go. I think I have some pics on my blog.